245 Abbott Rd., Buffalo, NY 14220 Phone: (716) 662-1164
For Appointments and to verify Library is open contact: Donna Shine Dmshine @ (716) 662-1164

Overview of what is available at the GAAA Library.

  • List of Nick Names of people from the Old First Ward of Buffalo,NY click here.

  • Index of people buried in HOLY CROSS Cemetary in Lackawanna, NY 1872-1874 sample -click here.

  • List of general books about Ireland in the GAAA Library click here.

  • List of combined BIGS and GAAA genealogy documents click here.

  • BIGS also maintains a "LITTLE BLACK BOX OF SURNAMES" which helps to identify who else has been searching for your Irish ancestors. They may have already uncovered the information you are looking for. click here.

  • The Library also contains:
    -----"SEPTS" Publications
    -----Tracing Irish Clan Heritage
    -----Everton's Genealogical Helper
    -----Guide to connecting family histories
    -----IRISH TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES -Contact possible family members in Ireland.
    -----And much more!

    BIGS has volunteers in the GAAA Library generally every 1st Saturday of each month 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, AND the 3rd Tuesday 6 :00-9:00 PM of each month from October through the following June. July-September will be by appointment only (We are lending out books.)

    For Appointments or to verify the Library will be open:
    ContactDonna Shine Dmshine @ (716) 662-1164